Tress, David

In 1983 Myles Pepper opened the West Wales Arts Centre Gallery in Fishguard, with the ambitious plan to develop a national market for the best of Welsh modern art. David Tress held his first one-man show at the Gallery in 1991 and became one of Pepper’s talented stable of artists. Since 1990, I had been traveling Wales taking documentary portraits of artists and writers and it was in Fishguard that I first met Myles Pepper and discovered the paintings and drawings of David Tress. It was a rare and seminal experience. I first photographed David in 1996 and returned on several occasions to his home, two terraced cottages converted into one, in Haverfordwest. His studio a two-storey building a few yards down the road. The upper floor with walls covered in paint, Jackson Pollock style, reached by a steep staircase where he worked.

Image: Bernard Mitchell

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