Dillwyn Diaries

The Diaries and Letters of Amy Dillwyn (forthcoming)

Amy Dillwyn (1845-1935) was an early woman industrialist, a suffragist and a novelist.  Seven volumes of diaries, three travel journals and over 60 letters provide an insight into the life and development of this extraordinary woman. 

The diaries and letters of Amy Dillwyn have been transcribed by Richard Morris.  Professor Kirsti Bohata is working on an open access digital edition.  This work has been undertaken by kind permission of the copyright owner and biographer of Amy Dillwyn, Dr David Painting.

Swansea University, Digital and Archive Collections:

In addition to Kirsti Bohata's edition of the Diaries and Letters of Amy Dillwyn, Swansea University has published online the transcriptions of related diaries, by William Dillwyn, Lewis Weston Dillwyn and Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn held at Swansea and the National Library of Wales.