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Photograph of Tylorstown Welfare Hall and Institute, 2021

The building currently has on average over 1,000 visitors per month, with ages ranging from 0 - 95 years. Regular activities include family bingo evenings, parent and toddler groups, over 50s groups, armchair aerobics, discos and parties. In addition to the groups that take place, the Hall also has a coffee shop run by volunteers who are barista trained. The Youth Offending Service hire a space to carry out restorative justice work with young offenders, they also help with general building maintenance. The Hall is also hired for various events and activities including; annual football presentation, local polling station, practice area for the local brass band and choir.

In her interview, the Hall's Development Manager Rebecca Sullivan talks about the current use of the Hall. 

Interview with Rebecca Sullivan, 8th July 2021

Below are images of the Hall taken in 2021 and photographs of some of the groups that Rebecca talks about.

Hall Entrance

Stained Glass Entrance

Ground Floor Corridor

View from Projection Room

Hall Balcony and Ceiling

Projector Room

Community Room

Billiard Score Board

Stairwell to First Floor

Former Library

Family Bingo Evening

Parent and Toddler Group

Stories from The Hall

Photograph of Grenville Jones and Rebecca Sullivan

The artist Grenville Jones

Grenville Jones, originally from Tylorstown, donated 26 of his paintings in 2014 to Tylorstown Welfare Hall. Grenville left the Rhondda 60 years ago and has committed his vivid memories of his boyhood to canvas in a series of vivid and engaging scenes.

"The Welfare Hall" by Terry Williams

In the Welfare Hall we sat

amongst the tea and toast we sat

what's the local news this week

Mrs Edwards she has got a cheek

she is wearing her skirts so short

she is sixty if she's a day I would have thought

Tommy Smith got caught in a shop

three chocolate bars in his pocket and a lollipop

the police were called and took his name

Mrs Smith has never been the same

apart from that it's not a bad place

the town goes on at its urban pace.

Below are some of the current Hall trustees and volunteers, a former employee and current employee describing what the Hall means to them, their favourite memories of the Hall and, in Rebecca Sullivan's case, her favourite room in the Hall.  Some of those who kindly agreed to be interviewed, also shared with us their earliest memories of the Hall and their hopes for its future.

Interview with Rebecca Sullivan, 8th July 2021

Interview with Betty Gosling, 8th July 2021

Interview with Terry Williams, 17th June 2021

Interview with Tony Maz, 17th June 2021


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