During the 1921 lockout, many of the striking miners were dependent on voluntary assistance, as more official, statutory relief measures did not apply. The mining communities in South Wales had to sustain these men, through places like communal kitchens and canteens. 

Local fund raising efforts by trade union led distress committees also made a vital contribution to sustaining the struggle, as well as support from local churches and Co-operatives.

SWCC/PHO/DIS/32: Tonypandy Mission Hall Canteen officials and staff during the 1921 lockout. 

Board in front of staff reads "Out but appy"

Interview of William Henry Williams.

William Henry Williams discusses his activities as secretary of the Canteen Committee in Porthcawl and the support provided by local businesses [transcript available].

SWCC/MNA/NUM/L/47/B/34: Ynysybwl Distress Fund Accounts, 1921.

SWCC/HD9551.6>SOU: South Wales Miners’ Federation Minutes, 30 April 1921.

SWCC/HD9551.6>SOU: South Wales Miners’ Federation Minutes, 30 May 1921.

SWCC/AUD/184: Interview of Reginald Fine, 1973.

Reginald Fine recalls soup kitchens and shoe repairs in the local chapel [transcript available]. 

SWCC/MNA/PP/59/1: Minutes of the first meeting of Pontardulais Canteen Commitee, 22 April 1921.