Banner Messages

Banners must inform and inspire. They must communicate their message at a glance -bearing in mind that they are often carried outside where they may be blown in the wind, seen at an angle or partly obscured.

The most successful banners have strong and simple designs. Some of the more common symbols on miners’ banners include:



= Internationalism 

Clasped Hands

= Unity is strength

(often used by trade unions)

Flaming Torch

= Knowledge & Education


= Peace   


 = International co-operation,

LGBTQ+, Support our NHS


= Industriousness         


= Justice                                   


= The Co-operative Movement

and a symbol of plenty

The colours can also be symbolic:

Red = labour, courage

Purple = ambition, dignity

Gold = ambition

Blue = stability, inspiration, wisdom

Green = long cherished hopes, new life

Pink = peace, women, prosperity

White = purity, honour

Black = war, aggression