Get Involved!

Design your very own banner!


Make Your Own Banner!

Watch this short film and have a go at creating your own!


  • Choose your banner background paper or download one of the templates.
  • Which way round do you want it to be, portrait or landscape             


Wernos Lodge Banner

= Portrait Banner Example

Ferndale Lodge Banner

= Landscape Banner Example

  • Decide what your banner is going to look like, what pictures will it need and does it need any words. Who will the banner be for?
  • Draw out your banner and decorate it.
  • Why not use two straws as banner carriers? Fold over two opposite edges and slide the straw inside the fold. Stick down with the tape.
  • Your banner is now finished. Well done 😊


We'd love you to get involved and share photos of your own banners with us! 

You can share your photos anytime between 12-22 November and we'll add your banners to our exhibition!

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Use hashtag: #BeingHuman2020  


Download these free templates to help you!

Clip Art Symbols

Print off and colour in!

Download the exhibition flyers.