‘The Dawn of a New Era’

‘The Dawn of a New Era’ is the slogan on the Risca Lodge banner, which was made just before the nationalisation of the coal mining industry in 1947. The image on the banner is a sun rising and reflects the hope for the future.

At least 50 miners’ banners are known to have existed in South Wales and many of them are preserved at the South Wales Miners’ Library at Swansea University. Over the years, the banners have been used in protests, marches and demonstrations, including during the 1972, 1974 and 1984-85 miners’ strikes. The miners’ banners provide a rich source of social history and provide a unique and powerful insight into our collective history and tradition.

Throughout the festival Swansea University will be drawing on the amazing collection of Miners’ Banners held in the South Wales Miners’ Library to create an online exhibition built in collaboration with…you!

Explore the images, colours and slogans that appeared on the banners and their meaning – and why not have a go at designing your own banner! Watch this space for further details on how to submit your banner design and to find the exhibition during the festival!

Led by Siân Williams, Head of Special Collections & Librarian, South Wales Miners’ Library.

This event is part of the hub series organised by Swansea University.